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Unbreakable Podcast is for people who want to rediscover their edge. I believe in the human capacity to get off the X and regain the edge. It doesn’t matter how old, how many times you have won or lost, or how low you have become. I am committed to you getting your edge.
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Apr 2, 2020

The human spirit can always overcome any obstacle if it learns not to give up on itself.  

After completing the Unbreakable 24 hour challenge, Jennifer committed to writing her book A Time To Serve.  

You too can accomplish great things when you learn to never give up.

Mar 29, 2020

JT Foxx is the ultimate Millionaire Underdog. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with companies, brands and business interests spanning the globe. He is one of the top platform speakers in the world and has been deemed the World's #1 Wealth Coach as seen and heard on television, and in radio and print.

Mar 23, 2020

Not everyone has experience to draw upon during chaotic times.  Few people have lead others through times that are truly difficult both emotionally and physically.  Yet, we all now find ourselves faced with choices and chaos.

I would like to share with you the 3 critical choices you will have to make during these...

Mar 19, 2020

Difficult times require simple leadership.  Simple, not complex, not transformational, and not over reactive.  Simple!

All difficult times are the same.  They all seem complex, and life threatening with so many unknowns.  Difficult times without leadership on a personal level create chaos on all levels.


Chaos causes...

Mar 17, 2020

Interview with Thom Shea, Adam La Reau and Mike Rice.  Discussing leading during chaos, surviving isolation and building organizations based on health and fitness.