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Unbreakable Podcast is for people who want to rediscover their edge. I believe in the human capacity to get off the X and regain the edge. It doesn’t matter how old, how many times you have won or lost, or how low you have become. I am committed to you getting your edge.
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Feb 24, 2020

The only differentiating factor of success is failure.  Wait what?  No one wants to fail.  It makes no sense at all to put failure and success in the same sentence.  No winning coach in any sports is willing to lose.  No business owner wants to lose money or go bankrupt or lose people.  No couple wants to get divorced,...

Feb 17, 2020

Gregg Ward has worked with numerous Fortune 100 and 500 organizations, using his talents as a business speaker and skilled communicator, utilizing his leadership skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills, diversity, and inclusion to give business owners the knowledge and tools they need to advance their...

Feb 9, 2020

The past few weeks, no matter who you are in America have been unsettling. Businesses and leaders have watched the circus in the media and in Washington waiting for a sign or as I call “waiting for a light in the forest”. The youth have watched adults make idiots of themselves and mom and dads every where have had...

Feb 4, 2020

Three Simple Things is written in the manner of old story telling.  Real stories told around a campfire, where people gathered to learn from the warriors and leaders of the tribe or village.  The words are intended to be read as if you and I are next to each other talking frankly without political correctness.  The...