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Unbreakable Podcast is for people who want to rediscover their edge. I believe in the human capacity to get off the X and regain the edge. It doesn’t matter how old, how many times you have won or lost, or how low you have become. I am committed to you getting your edge.
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May 20, 2018

In my experience, in the experience of growing up in America in the 70s, the experience of beginning a life path in the 80s, the being a Navy SEAL in the 90s and at the turn of the century up until 2014, then now training leaders and high performing men and women in the past 5 years, I am clear there are three major crossroads in everyone’s life.

These huge intersections greatly determine what people can and will do. These three crossroads are action and decision points for all of us. Oddly, few realize how important they truly are.

As we go through the three crossroads, I ask you to imagine what you would be had you taken a different path. I ask you to if possible take the new path, now, if you took the wrong one, then. If you are brave enough to take it now there are many of us who are committed to helping. There are also many other people who are committed to keeping you on the lesser of the paths. But I can assure you my partners know the benefits of the right one.

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