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Jun 1, 2018

The first principle of success: Effort

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The first principle of success surely isn’t passion. The streets are filled with passionate people who haven’t converted passion to success. Passion is important but passion is not a foundational building block of success. Passion is how you feel about what you are doing and passion can turn when you are tired, when you are faced with extreme conditions, and when the outcome seems impossible.

The first principle of success isn’t education, or grades, or degrees. The same street that is filled with the carcasses of the passionate ones is also filled with the highly educated degree seekers who never hit success. Having a degree and getting a higher education, albeit, seems necessary has lost favor in the business world due to missing the first principle of success.

The real first principle of success is actually effort. Sheer effort in countless hours of practice and routine and hammering until success happens. Without this first principle being both a state of mind and a state of being, then I can tell you your odds of succeeding at anything becomes limited to handouts and unearned entitlements. And effort is not taught openly anymore.