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Unbreakable Podcast with Thom Shea

The Navy SEAL experience of hard work and a methodical approach to life in five areas: Health, Learning, Wealth, Relationships, and Spiritual growth. Thom Shea is the best selling author of "Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life" and combat veteran. Thom shares interviews with extra-ordinary men and women who have push through their self-imposed limits. The Interviews and dialogues explore what it is like to have a goal driven, measurable life.
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Oct 16, 2018

We all have limits. Whether they be physical, intellectual, financial, relationship, or spiritual limits. In my search for my own performance in each, I have learned an odd thing regarding limits. Most of them are self-imposed.

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This past weekend was our 21st 24 hour leadership challenge to overcome the self-imposed limits leaders perceive they have. And, each leader did hit and over come their limits.

I originally set up this challenge, which I discussed in my book, “Unbreakable: A Navy SEALs Way of Life” to encourage my children to learn the 13 most valuable lessons in life. I wanted them to be capable of having a great life in case I didn’t return home from combat. And, this lesson, Lesson Number three, I knew would open up their life in magnificent ways. Because, the reality of life is that if you cannot overcome your own self-imposed limits you are stuffed. You are stuffed to the frustration of past failures, you are stuffed to the opinions of others regarding what you allow their opinions to curb you from doing, and you are stuffed to resigning yourself to follow in the footprints of the buffalo running over the cliff.

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Pick up your copy of Thom's book Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life