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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Jan 23, 2019

We embarked three weeks ago on a project to show our clients a simple method to start up a new effort and ensure the foundation is set.

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I have spent 35 years applying this time-honored way of achieving success. During those years the method of using the 21 day grind cycle to establish a baseline has proven effective every time. The 21 day challenge is a simple but not easy process. The simple aspect is you must have a goal you are wanting to achieve. The not easy process is actually doing three basic things every single day for 21 days.

In podcast 102 I discuss the 21 day method and the value of it. And as many of you are not aware we had a private Facebook community doing the 21 day as a team effort to post and support each other through the first 7 days. It takes a team of committed people to get through the first 7 days of anything new. I am always surprised people don’t realize how vital support and team efforts are in life in general but specifically I am dumb founded how people try to do things by themselves. You will fail alone.  

In podcast 103, I further discussed the middle ground is where everyone really fails in start ups or hey in life too. The middle is when we use excuses rather than the simple action of doing what we agreed to. In the group many people had to start over. Here is why, we excuse ourselves by using reasons. I am tired, This is stupid, I forgot, My wife or husband criticized, or blame. I have trained so many people that I realize that until you can honor your word for 21 days straight and overcome the inertia of an excuse driven life, than there is no way to teach someone any specific skills to succeed, because they will quit anyway.

Yet there is always something magical that happens when someone doing the 21 day challenge realizes they didn’t do the simple things in life, because they excused themselves. The magic is when they start over, because they want to honor their word. When they do that then greatness is possible.

So what is it like to complete the 21 day challenge. If you get to day 18, something odd has happened. Your body, your mind, your life has adapted. It takes that long for adaptation to happen. On day 18 you just do it. You have carved out the space in your life. Pain, support, Why are all gone. You will do it come hell or high water. You can see the end and will crawl if needed to the end.

This is rare for most people these days. To see the hard work they have done produce an outcome, and even more rare still is how the 21 day challenge makes you want to do the three simple things.

The principle of the 21 day cycle of adaption is not taught in formal schools. The 21 day cycle is rare in the business world, except by the great businesses who use it. Every top athlete I know does this. Every successful salesman or woman does this.

Imagine if you used this method in your life. Whether it be lose weight, get stronger, or add a new technique if you have a goal, then find three simple things you know are needed, then do these three things every day for 21 days. Imagine if you did that in business. Make one call a day, save $20, submit one case analysis, whatever, what would happen? You would have saved $420, made 21 calls, and opened 21 cases. Simple who cares that isn’t a lot.   But now you have carved a space for that in your life. In a year you have $5040, 252 calls and cases will have lead to a business volume you cannot even imagine.

Three simple things have an effect on your life that you cannot begin to imagine.   But what normally happens. You talk yourself out of doing them. Often I have seen people stopping simple things for a month then trying to make up for that month with 6 things a day. You all know what I am saying don’t hide now. You are probably one of them. Hey you cannot make up for bad choices by doubling down when there is no space for even doing simple things.

Stop excusing yourself from your own simple success.

Next month in February we are going to continue with what is known as momentum training. You can join us at by doing the five goals and playing with us on facebook.

Three simple things for 21 days. If you want to pay for your vacation join us. If you want to keep momentum in your life join us. We don’t do hacks or cut corners.