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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Jul 30, 2019

Why do you wait? Why do you wait for the right time to get healthy? Why do you wait for the right job to commit? Why do you wait for the right woman or man to get involved?


Waiting causes the worse kind of neglect. Waiting is not patience. Waiting is practiced disillusionment. Waiting causes you only to be half way committed. Waiting makes you weak mentally and physically. So why wait?


I can assure you that putting off until summer is over to starting to get in shape or putting off until next week eating healthy is futile. Every single day you wait is a day practicing not being committed. How many days have you logged practicing not being committed? That answer is frightening.


The right time and the right coach or the right training program will never arrive, and if it did you would miss it because of all the days practicing not just doing it.


Your knee pain isn’t a valid reason to wait. You being over weight isn’t a legit reason to wait to get into shape or start running. You are too old, you hate the gym, you don’t like a stationary bike, you are too busy are just societal reasons to fail.


Just commit in spite of any excuse you may have. Overcome the seemingly impossible excuses you have and start now. Get up early even though it makes no sense. Do one push up. Run one mile at 5 am. Drink one glass of water. Just start.


If you start today this is what will happen, you will beat just one of your dumb reasons. It may be painful yet you will have taken a huge step toward a vastly different life.


Oddly, more people wait to become wealthy than there do those who put of health. Let that sink in. Over the past 6 years I have interviewed and openly asked every CEO or president of 100s of companies in the United States and every single one has more jobs available than people looking for work. Now hiring should be always hiring.


For the past 12 months I have shifted my questions about opportunities from asking the bosses to asking the vast pool of unemployed or under employed. You can even watch Mike Rowe and see what I am talking about. We all seem to be waiting.


If you are in a job right now that you hate but are not doing anything to find one that wakes you up and interests you, than realize this fact. Every second you waste practicing being shitty at a shitty job costs you money. Every dollar you make at that job costs you 2 dollars. One dollar is wasted due to lack of interest. One dollar is spent doing the job at half effort.


If you don’t have a job than maybe, just maybe look deep inside that you could have any job you actually wanted but you have to want it. You have to want to work. If you want to work you can make a lot of money at any job. There are $100,000 a year truck driver jobs all over America. But some silly narrative keeps people from wanting to pick up furniture and deliver it to a family that needs it. Imagine getting paid to travel, meet people, help them build a home and get money to do it. Or just keep looking at your face book profile watching fake people and all the while not pursuing any form of money making.


If you have a job but aren’t making enough money, then commit to a side hustle on the internet or even cutting grass. Make something with your hands and sell it online. Buy things cheap and sell them online. Spend an hour a day three days a week cutting your neighbors grass. You surely would be ok with $12,000 extra dollars a year.


What is it like to not wait, that is the question really?


If you didn’t wait for the right whatever, you would maybe write a book? Write one page a day for a year. Don’t wait to be perfect, someone will edit it. After a year you get published.


What if you didn’t wait for whatever to run a marathon or hike a mountain peak? What if you ran one mile a day for a month? What if you did 20 push ups a day for a month? What if you just signed up for a half marathon and started running? What would your life be like if you just got to it? Here is what it would be like: you would run and your body would be fit and healthy.


It is actually always the right time to commit to something you really want to do. Even if it is raining outside it is the right time to go for a run. Even if the stock market is falling it is the right time to learn and engage in investing. Even if your kids are struggling with school or life it is the right time to support and be a parent.


Stop waiting it is killing off your spirit and killing off opportunities for you. Commit now to just one thing that excites you.