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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Oct 14, 2019

In each word and section in this book I have been tasked with telling my story so that in case I die in combat my children get a sense of their father. Actually, Stacy pleaded with me for two years to put to words “Who I am and How I am”. Therefore, this project is not simply a day to day recount of what I did, but rather a recalling of what I faced and what I learned in order to teach my children how to Be the men and the woman that lives into the possibilities they create for themselves. Unbreakable simply put is creating and finding in you that which is indestructible. Finally, this project called Unbreakable is a way to make up for being gone 220 days per year for 23 years as a Navy SEAL.

This book contains no hidden secrets, rather it is a pain-staking study and practice of what makes for an effective and efficient pursuit of what is best in the human endeavor to transform the genetic traits and perform above and beyond what humans think possible. My children…when you are ready to read Unbreakable and ready to put it to use, you will recognize a pattern in each section. I wish I could tell you how you might know when you are ready, yet that would truly deny you the benefit you all will receive when you make the discovery in your own ways.

When you get discouraged, when you have difficulties overcoming the obstacles that drain your soul, when you try and fail, when you feel reduced by injuries use this book as a light in the forest for which you have been searching. A strange thing will happen when you acquire and apply the 13 lessons within…you will literally be propelled on to unfathomable successes. 

There is no way to achieve without enduring countless hours of practice. The single most important practice for you after reading is the use of Internal Dialogue to bridge the gap between your genetic gifts and your passions, your dreams. Every single successful human has Internal Dialogue they just don’t know they have it. I will show you even if I do not return to you. 

The gift and practice of Internal Dialogue cannot be had by anyone who is not committedly pursuing their passions. In other words, you must have something that you are wildly committed to Being or Doing with your life. The gift of mastering your Internal Dialogue cannot be given away for free, it will not be purchased with money, because there is no more dangerous and useless gift than one bought or given without earning it.

An Internal Dialogue to create an Unbreakable condition will serve each of you equally well when you are ready for it. Trust me on this…formal education has nothing to do with it. Formal education actually indoctrinates you to being less a man and very much so less a woman.

Who am I to say that in reading this book you will know, grasp solidly, the use of Internal Dialogue? I have spent 23 years living and researching what it takes to overcome any obstacle in the way of success. I have survived countless, overwhelming combat engagements and failures that tested and validated the use of my own Internal Dialogue to life an Unbreakable Life. I have personally taught 330 basic SEAL Students, and 112 SEAL Sniper Students, in order to test the use of Internal Dialogue to perform beyond what I thought possible.

I have never known a single person who used Internal Dialogue, who did not achieve remarkable successes. I have never known any persons to distinguish themselves, or to survive overwhelming battles, without possession of Internal Dialogue. For these reasons I conclude that the experience and education gained using Internal Dialogue is more important, as a part of the human paradigm to create a life better than the one before, than any which one receives through the standard education system. 

As you read, your own Internal Dialogue will jump from the pages and stand boldly in front of you, when you are ready to see it and use it. You will see it. When it pops out, I want you to stop and drink a Guinness for me, because it will signify the most important turning point in your life. 

Take note that I will be sharing my life for you: the facts, the failures, the Me; so to speak. Through my eyes, through my experiences I hope to convey the Who to Be and How to Be! 

Finally, I offer two suggestions: don’t Fear the Need to achieve, and for god’s sake Never Give Up…ever. All great accomplishments, all earned awards, start with an Internal Dialogue that Needs to be fulfilled…Needs to be Needed.

I wrote this book in 2009, as you all may or may not know. I wrote it to my family because in my mind I was not coming home. I was over there fighting for them so they would never experience war.

But, I returned.

Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life is on amazon. And you can buy a signed copy at

Read it before the second in the series comes out this next year.