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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Oct 22, 2019

4 ways to Breaking Someone’s Will Power


I would like to share a fundamental truth about winning or achievement or even doing anything to the best of your ability. There seems to be a distinct difference between what some groups profess will accomplish excellence. The difference is so dramatic, so clearly off the mark I thought it an opportunity to shed some light here.


I know that every child is born wanting to explore, wanting to learn, and wanting to survive. The built in desire to survive, although many may not thing it important, is the key factor in success throughout life. Perhaps that is the real spark that when fed causes greatness.


The spark to survive obviously takes a different shape the older the child becomes. Once the child gets the basic needs met, all children immediate explore, want more, and want to get better.


Here is when and what I would like to share with you. I would like to show you how to break someone’s will power or crush someone’s ability to succeed. This works for kids, new hires, or even successful men and women. I want to show you the road map to destroying performance.


The reason is simple, so you can make the choice.


The first way to break someone’s will power or ability to win is to teach them to be a victim. We actually teach and reinforce the victim paradigm. Teach them that someone else did this to them or someone else is at fault. Teach them the reason they are slow is because of the parents or the coach. Teach them the reason they lost the game or got a bad grade is someone else’s fault. Teach them they are fat because of genetics or fat because they are a victim of where they were born. If they get in a fight or abused tell them they are the victims.


Later in life reinforce this victim ology, by telling them to not work hard because they will fail. Reinforce by showing them how other people like them never dig their way out.


The second way to crush someone’s spark is to teach them they are different than others. Teach them about sexism. Teach them about racism. Show them how others are treated poorly, never to trust another race or the opposite sex. Make them different and guarantee they will never realize their own potential.


The third way is to isolate them or allow them to isolate themselves from rough or hard times. The easiest way to make someone quit on themselves is to push them away after they fumble or to coddle them after they get bucked off the horse. Never let them try again, allow them to run away and you give them the most predictable outcome … failure for life. When you isolate them from hard times they will never recover.


The forth way is to string along the lie that they are entitled to anything. Tell them they deserve something they didn’t earn and bleed and work hard to get. Tell them they deserve health care and watch how poorly they take care of themselves. Tell them they are entitled to trophy in sports and watch how lazy they become. Tell them they should get what their neighbor has and watch them neglect their ability to do anything well.


Scary those four ways are all over social media, in the news, at school, in businesses. Entitlement causes neglect, forced diversity causes no unity of effort, Inclusion of everyone causes no one to perfect a skill set.


I have another way. But only pick this way if you want to win, or grow or perfect a skill set.


One, Realize you will be beaten up either physically or mentally or emotionally. Learn to bounce back. Learn to build yourself back up even if you get crushed. Start over. Get back on the horse. Don’t blame others and don’t blame yourself. Get back up every time you get beaten down. Watch what you will be capable of doing.


Two, Get off of the train called sexism and racism. Just get off that ride because it is going to kill you and make you less. Be yourself. Let others be themselves. No one cares if you are a color or sex or unique. Just be the best version of you that you can possibly be. People may not like you. Who cares. People may cut you down or not hire you cause you were male or white or black or whatever. Why would you want to work with them anyway. Find another job or way of life. The hell with them. Just be you and let others be themselves too.


Three, If you are going to do something hard, something that demands effort from you, you cannot accomplish it alone. No matter how rough it gets, no matter how many times you fail, don’t run away. Instead get a team of people around you who are relentless, who won’t let you run away. Get a team to pick you back up even if you are broken.


Finally, no one owes you anything. You parents don’t owe you anything. Your boss doesn’t owe you anything. The government doesn’t owe you health care or a place to live. You may never get a trophy ever in your life. But, you have to earn this life. You have to wake up early and train. You have to do what it will take for you to cross the line. Earn this life. Embed that way of looking at everything into your soul.