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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Jan 4, 2021

If you haven’t purchased Three Simple Things:  leading during chaos.  Please go to amazon and order a copy or if you like to listen order the audio version.  Read the pages and apply the work in your life and let’s all break out of this silly funk we are in.


What will you do with your life in 2021?  Will you shelter in place?  Will you not open your business because someone whom you are paying to make leadership choices for you tell you to not open your business because it could make people sick?  Will you take so needed responsibility for your life and the future of those around you and make great, urgent, this is my life and my state and my country choices?

Odds are you have gotten too comfortable with waiting for someone to lead or too comfortable with doing what you are told even though those who tell you what to do don’t even practice what they suggest.  80% of every population from the beginning of written history are always going to do what others suggest.  So, don’t feel bad if you find it much easier to get into the long line that fights for scraps.

I pause a moment with writing and even presenting this podcast because of the resounding fear that speaking truth that counters the bad choices the 80% have made may get me in trouble.  I pause to take a moment to let it set in if you have listening to unbreakable podcasts over the two years we have been producing.  I finally, pause, because the past 10 days I have caught and suffered and passed through the Covid virus and been with my family as they got sick and recovered. 

I will no longer pause and wait and allow others to be afraid of the big bad wolf.  Waiting is for cowards and the longer you wait the harder it will be for you to lose that coward you are practicing in front of your family and your business.  Some now will only be viewed by others as cowards because they did nothing to make the situation better and allowed deception and lies to permeate every form of communication.

There are four choices every single human can make on a daily basis that will literally transform life immediately.  I want to share them with you because these choices make things real, they will move you when you are stuck, and make you listen when you feel lost.  They are simple choices but not easy.

The first choice you must make every day is when you will wake up in the morning and what is the first important thing for you to do upon waking.  You must dictate to your life when you wake.  This choice and skillset is completely lost in modern culture.  If you hit your snooze you are numb to the advantage gained by have this first choice each day be yours.  If you never know when you are going to wake and go to bed and toss and turn and sleep through the rising of you sun each morning you have lost this most important choice. 

You must make this choice yourself.  You must set your own alarm because finding the urgency to wake and prepare is more important to the rest of your day than you can imagine.  This is your life and you don’t lead yourself to this first objective.  It is time for you to lead yourself beginning tomorrow morning.  And once you start you can never stop until you die.  Because if you abdicate personal leadership of when you will wake you can never get it back later in the day.

Choice One:  pick a time of your choosing to wake each day.

Second choice and the one that will make you feel the best and make you notice the impact  most will also be the one you don’t do after the first 7 days. Make the choice to move your body for one hour each morning before work.  If you do this every day you will take charge of your own health to a point you will be able to through away every diet book, every 7-minute workout hack book you have, you will be able to delete every workout app on your phone.  This choice teachers took out of schools and the health of a society fell within a generation.  Simply because humans no longer have any level of ownership of moving their own bodies every single day for an hour.  This is your body, do you even know that it is capable of doing wonderful things and taking you places that will inspire you and make you cry.  You not making this choice every day must feel bad.  You chose fat, you chose to not own your body and what it can give you.  Take this choice back over any choice you can make in your life. 

Choice Two:  ensure you move your body for an hour every day until you die.

Third Choice and the one I love the most in my life is to only pursue the opportunities that scare the living hell out of you.  Chose to be scared, chose to not play safe in the pursuit of opportunities.  Make the choice to take risks that you feel like you are going to lose, and you feel inadequate and you feel like there isn’t enough time and you don’t know how to do it.  Risk albeit is a four-letter word most weak-minded people have put on the same level as the other four letter word That begins with F.  Many parents are so risk averse you can witness the fire in the child burning out.  Many teachers don’t overtly teach risk skills.  Leaders who were risk averse lost their minds during the covid shut down because all of a sudden: it was scary and there was no clear path and it was uncomfortable.  If you are not scared just a little bit every day you are doing yourself an injustice and you are doing your sons and daughters a massive disservice. If you are the leader and you are not intentionally risking or being a bit uncomfortable you will eventually fall and not recover.

Choice Three:  Pick opportunities and scare you every day

Number four is the most difficult decision you will ever make in your life and one you have to keep making.  The fourth choice of man is not being taught or not being made at all by a great many people.  This choice is who you love and or commit to everyday.  You don’t have to be married to make this choice.  You don’t have to be older either.  But you must make this choice yourself and no one else can force you or make it for you and you cannot abdicate making it.  This choice is so rare I have to admit it could be the most significant way to turn a business around by just ensuring the boss makes this choice every day.  This choice not made causes divorce and makes divorce inevitable.  This choice of who you commit to every day as a boss of a company will make the organization more money that any lean six sigma or BCG analysis ever.  Learn you have profound deep and meaning for relationships with fewer people as a leader.  Not more superficial ones.  The greatest amount of money you can ever hope to make centers solely on the depth of relationships you have with no more than five people in your inner circle.  If you don’t have these five committed relationships every day you are not a leader you are a manager.

This weekend we are having our second leadership summit here in Greenville.  One of my best marine warrior friends in my life is sharing leadership from the point of view of leading during chaos.  I know he doesn’t like it when I praise him but this man led marines in war and is going to receive the medal of honor for actions he never talks about.

The next six months we are going unbreakable leadership trainings in Lubbock and here in Greenville to train leaders to lead during chaos and make these four choices

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