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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Dec 17, 2018

Listen, I am sorry that you think working out 3 days a week has any value in your life. Going to a gym to simply work out for the sake of working out is the biggest killer to real health. What is missing is you need a real, tangible definable Goal that you are working toward. Going to the gym just to go is like putting money in your mail box because it is like saving money. Neither are of value to you.

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Here are the numbers and reasons people do physical things starting with the worst answers to the best.

  1. Just want to get out and do something.

            - listen is your body so unimportant to you that you cannot plan its growth. Y           our body is dying without a goal that it is fighting for and all you do is take it        out for a walk like a dog.

  1. It makes me feel better.

            - Do you know why it feels good. Because there is a drug being produced      internally, that is better than heroine. And this one won’t kill you.

  1. I like routine.

            - This was seems cool but routine is only good if there is an endgame. Do the           same thing every day won’t do anything for you other than steel time from             you. You know time is the only thing you cannot get back so stop wasting it   on a life that has no goals.

  1. Doctor recommends 3 days a week for health reasons.

            - This is something. It can be more if you are measuring BP or heart rate or             weight or something. This can be the beginnings, yet every older person I             ask just wants to not die by using this method.

  1. Good place to meet people.

            - ahah, as long as that is your goal. I am sorry just send someone you like the           same money for your gym membership and it will be a better investment.

  1. Rehab’ing from injury

            - this is the first of the goal oriented answers and it is real and tangible. But            don’t wait just because you are injured to set the next hard goal. By the way          a goal oriented life will make you heal faster.

  1. Maintaining my fitness and weight.

            - this is where many people reside. I call this place vanity. This place is         calorie counting, feelings dependent, weather dependent, and hard to keep it   all together. This is the place all the health industry sells products to.            Because the people here are like young kids with a toy. They buy new toys,       use them a while and want another because vanity cannot be measured.

  1. I signed up for a race or an event and I have a plan I follow.

            - bingo. This is the base line reason to work out. You have a goal and you    have a plan and you got to get to it. Makes life so so simple. Doesn’t make             the working out easy but if you are this person you are amazing and I love    you. Simple but not easy.

  1. I am competitive and this is a way of life.

            - spot on and rare. This person chose long ago and is on the path and not     easy to get off the path. They work out because internally they are          compelled.

  1. Everest, Ultra, or the unattainable Goal.

            - if you ever meet one of these people record what they do what they eat     what they talk about what they think about. That is to say if you even allow          you to. Because they are on a mission and the gym or the workout is a piece             of the puzzle that they are married to solving even if they die in the solving of    it.