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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Feb 3, 2022

Theory destroys reality


We are all literally beaten up so often by media and bad leaders and politicians, that we, me included, begin to think what we are told is real.


That is the nature of human life; the nature is to learn not to simply believe what one sense is telling you and learn to question everything in order to stay alive and to build.


I don’t say that tongue in cheek, I mean it to be a way to share how to navigate the mud pits and sand pits of our day to day lives.  Theory as stated is never real.  Reality is a contraction to theory.


Once a month, Stacy and I and sometimes other bad ass people come over and we have a one hour discussion about what is real and what is theory in order to not fall into a trap of theory.  It is an exercise I wish you all would do.


So here is the exercise: 

  • there are five categories health, wealth, learning, relational, spiritual.
  • Write down what 2 trends are being discussed in each
  • Write down what 2 real things you can do in each
  • Discuss what you would gain or lose if you added a theory to your real life



So here are mine


Theory and fantasy world

Health (cardio is bad,  lifting heavy will make women look bulky)


Wealth (side hustles are important,  follow your why)


Intellectual (a degree will get you a job,  professors know what they are talking about)


Relationship (real love lasts forever,  yelling means the other person doesn’t respect you)


Spiritual (god is coming to help you,  Since jesus died for you you can keep doing stupid shit)




Health (do something for an hour,  lift weights or do body weight but bulk comes from food not the work out)


Wealth (hustle at work first,  make a goal and fuck your why)


Intellectual (get a job period,  learn how to perfect something you are already doing from someone already doing it better)


Relationship (every week rebuild and prove love,  be real and authentic every day with the person you sleep with or your family, don’t hide your faults)


Spiritual (be self driven and self accountable,  Stop making the same mistakes over and over and praying for salvation)