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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


May 4, 2022

The Two branches of Trait Alignment


In each of us we carry 6 primary traits that when exhibited determine what we say, do and cause in the world around us.  The 6 traits are separated into two branches that further align our thoughts and actions. 


Your ability to know which trait is needed for various times and conditions in life will pre-determine the outcome and your ability to place the right trait into the right position in your family, you work, or on a team will also pre-determine the outcome you desire.


Not knowing the traits will cause you to faulter; cause business to die, and cause family to fall apart.




The Wolf Pack                                      The Shepherd’s Herd

The Alpha                                                The Shepherd

The Beta                                                  The Sheep dog

The Omega                                               The Sheep




Growth of the individual                            Growth of the Shepherd’s herd

Growth of the pack                                    Acquiring land to produce more sheep

Allowing perfection in skills                       Maintaining the norm of the herd

Decentralized Authority                             Centralized Authority

Individual Responsibility                            Sheep Dog responsibility

Irreplaceable individuals                            All are replaceable except the Shepherd

All skills are shared up and down                Sheep dog is afforded skills

Mindset is build the pack                            Mindset is do what you are told

Philosophy is “Prove it/earn it”                   Philosophy is “moral high ground”




Support the pack                                        Sheer the Sheep

Build your own pack                                  Eat the sheep

Earn and keep what you kill                        Build the shepherd’s empire



  1. Alpha
    • Goal Driven in all five formula(s)
    • 6-hour nonnegotiable daily activity
    • Focus, let go, fail, mentors betas
    • Always building other alphas (replacing itself)
    • Embrace spartan woman (spousal goals realized)
    • Disruption and innovation on schedule
    • Builds a team of future alphas
  2. Beta
    • Acquiring all five areas, may be good in only a few
    • Building toward a baseline and often sporadic
    • Learning to focus, still ego and self centered, seeks comfort often, being mentored
    • Functions well on the team
    • Testing powerful spartan women(plural)
    • Will change and start over if the pack does
    • Wants to be the alpha when ready
  3. Omega
    • Expert in One Pyramid (top 1%) or not good at anything
    • Hyper base line in all areas or only in one and is consumed by the one
    • All or nothing with the four skills
    • A reject or has broken away to build own pack
    • If expert does the one thing with great excess
    • While an omega cannot mentor or have spartan woman dynamic
    • While an omega is constantly disruptive and destructive


  1. Shepherd or Master
    • Only works for him or her self (always takes the moral high ground)
    • Expects others to follow a formula yet rarely does him or her self
    • Needs a sheep dog to achieve results
    • Needs a herd to direct
    • Un-intentionally disruptive
    • Hyper focused on empire
    • Emotionally convicted and unyielding
    • Developer not mentor
    • Will abandon the herd in a moments notice
  2. The Sheep Dog
    • On formula only or does what is told
    • Subjugates goals for shepherd and sheep
    • Can be taught to develop another sheep dog
    • Do not embrace spartan woman (breads many)
    • Will disrupt if directed to
    • Doesn’t work well with other alphas nor other teams without the shepherd
  3. The sheep
    • Follows trends never goal oriented
    • Goes with the heard or majority
    • Random, Decisions based entirely on emotions, fear based, never mentor
    • Dislikes the Sheep Dog and the Wolf
    • Often disobeys the shepherd