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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


May 15, 2022

What would you do if you only had one day left?

Many of us think we have time. More time. Perhaps we are taught to put of today what matters because tomorrow May happen.
Do we have more time?
If you take time away, as a factor what would life be like? What would your today become?
Some how progress and upward mobile and a middle class, comfortable lifestyle seems to lead many of us to lazy.
Lazy is thinking today doesn’t matter, the more times our parents don’t wake us up the more that notion is reinforced. The snooze button is used by lazy minds who think now downs matter.
What would you do today if tomorrow wasn’t happening?
Would you dress the way you do?
Would you go to school, work?
I have asked so many people that question I now realize few are programmed to even think outside of the lazy comfortable life at all costs existence.
If you asked a cancer patient if you had one day to life what would you do or become. Now those answers are unique…
I would make love until my heart exploded.
I would go run that hill that used to scare me.
I would tell my patents I am sorry or I love them
I would forgive my daughter
I would go for it
I would go for a walk
I would want to be with family
The list from the dying was real.
But they don’t have the strength anymore or the capacity to.
So I ask you what would you do now if you had no more tomorrows?
I can tell you that 10 percent of the people alive don’t live as if tomorrow is for sure or even a factor.
When you are operating as a SEAL tomorrow doesn’t matter. Today matters. And today there is so much to do that you can do.
Successful people, meaning the ones who earned their success and didn’t steel it or take it through tax money or politics live like tomorrow isn’t of concern.
Winners go for it. Not that they think they will always win but they are not willing to not go for it.
What will Change for you win you go for it? What is holding you back for this moment going all in and risking your life for the best version of your life?
Finding out who you are is the first step. Without you realizing you are an amazing human only limited by you alone, then you are just shit.
Put a goal on paper that scares the living shit out of you. It should literally make your hands shake to write it down.
There are four skills your will need to live now:
  1. Hyper focus and the off or rest button. If you do things half asses or just hammer without taking a break you have already failed
  2. Learn to embrace discomfort and problems but letting go of your emotional reactions to them. You should be ok with every issue you face and solve each one.
  3. Fail to succeed. Practice until you fail. Learn then practice until you fail again. Repeat until you arrive
  4. The forth is you need to mentor other people to support their growth not your growth. The more people your help grow the more skills you acquire
You need 3 people in your life who are committed to your goal. One to help with offensive actions, one to help with defense actions, and one to support the overall vision of the future you are creating
Then you need to execute 3 simple
Things the partners support. And you cannot take a day off of these simple actions
If you ever ask yourself why then answer that question with because I am my word and I keep my promises or I die