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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Sep 11, 2022

11 Lost Lessons worth remembering on September 11th


  1. The enemy of a republic always is lurking
  2. Better to stay up than to fight you way back up
  3. The Love for family, country, and your swim buddy will ultimately defeat someone who hates you
  4. Freedom earned through effort is always lost by the ones who live in it
  5. Offense is always better that defense or kneeling in fear
  6. No one ever said they practiced too much or trained too much before a life event, most say they could have done more to prepare
  7. If you think being violent doesn’t solve problems you have only led a protected life
  8. Elected officials left unattended always serve themselves, and should only serve limited years
  9. There is divine hand but only when you have spent all your effort and are still trying. If you give up there is no divine hand.
  10. You are always fighting you way home.
  11. Live each day as if it matters, because it does.