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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Jan 21, 2022

Do hard things


The older I get, the further I get away from the day-to-day life in the SEAL teams, the clearer I become on a great many things. 


The older I get the clearer I see the importance of being a father, of staying alive and being attentive to my family.


The older I get the easier my reactions are to politics and threats of the end of the world and existential crisis like global warming trends trailing an ice age.


Yet something is not being made clear to our society and our youth today and social media is spanking the true hardness out of youth.  So, sit back and listen and watch or read what I am going to share.  If this pisses you off, good?  If this inspires you to act, even better? 


Let me first just come out and say it, 90% of the people listening to this have No fucking idea what Hard is.  You lead a protected life and the real predators are all but killed off.  And you can go to a store and buy food or even steel it.  You don’t understand hard.


Let me tell you some truths:


Marriage is hard                    

Divorce is hard                        avoiding either is weak


Being fat is really fucking hard           getting fit is hard as hell         avoiding both is weak


Losing a job and having debt is hard             

having financial discipline is really hard.           Taking a govt hand out is weak


Speaking plainly and clear is harder than you think

Deciding not to speak is also hard

                                                                        Blaming others for speaking out is weak


Being straight is hard              being gay is really hard     Not having intimacy at all is weak


Making and keeping a promise is hard          quitting is extremely hard on your life

                                    Never committing is weak


Learning to fight and face violence is hard                not learning to protect your self is rude and hard                                         giving up the right to protect yourself is weak


Being a republican is hard                  being a democrat is hard

                                                                                                Not taking a side is weak


School is hard

not going to school is hard

                                                Expecting a job because someone else is successful is weak


Being born male is hard                      being born female is hard

                                                                                                Not accepting either is weak



Waking up early because you want to is hard

Waking up early because you have to is hard

                                                                        Hitting the snooze 5 times is weak


Training for an ultra marathon is very hard

Not training for anything is even harder on your body

                                                                        Drinking beer watching a football game is weak



Being injured and watching others progress is hard

Helping others through injury is very hard

                                                            Having never been injured or helped another is weak


Being a dad is hard

Being a mom is hard

                                                Not trying to raise a family at all is weak


Killing is very hard

Watching someone be killed is hard

                                                            Never facing down an enemy at all is weak



If you are on the weak side, hard will find you and you will not be ready. 


As I close and trust me I could go on for days about the weak times I see and the hard men and challenges I have witnessed, yet let me say the hardest thing you will ever have to encounter is starting over with nothing. 


I wish everyone that level of hardness.  I wish you the hardness it takes to start over at the bottom with nothing.