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Unbreakable Podcast is for people who want to rediscover their edge. I believe in the human capacity to get off the X and regain the edge. It doesn’t matter how old, how many times you have won or lost, or how low you have become. I am committed to you getting your edge.
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Apr 29, 2019

Leaving your Comfort Zone has been a life-changing, transformational book in the lives of many US women as well as international clients. Though written for professional women, men have enjoyed reading and share being powerfully impacted by the 6 Power Zone Principles™  included. Also, this has become a powerful tool...

Apr 21, 2019


success isn't prettySome how, some where the reality of high performance; the shock of achievement; and the “wait what” of success completely got off track. Everyone seems to not realize that being successful is hard, you have to get dirty rather often, and the process is completely exhausting.   Whether you are an athlete trying to...

Apr 15, 2019

By the way, the odds are never in your favor. The odds of success are always tipped away from your idea working out. In any athletic endeavor there are and will always be chances of loss. And you see that year end and year out that even in a pro football game a team can be down 3 touchdowns and everyone is betting on...

Apr 9, 2019

Each of us has inside an indomitable spirit. This spirit has the capacity to endure tough times. This spirit has the ability to build us up from the ashes of failure. This spirit will love so deeply it will amaze you. This spirit however does not live on the surface of our lives. It must be acquired through diving into...

Apr 1, 2019

How big should your leadership team be?

For the past 28 years my experience in team driven missions has been with small, highly selective, very highly training individuals who team up for the sole purpose of execution of a mission. Little did I know how every maneuverable, effective, and decentralized this type of team...