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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Jan 7, 2019

I have spent a lifetime starting over or starting a new project or starting a new business or even starting a new mission planning cycle in combat.

Today’s podcast is about how to start a project, how to start anything. Today marks the 7 day point into a 21 day start up method, I was taught long ago.

The bottom line upfront is that it really takes 21 days to initiate transformation. It takes 21 straight days for you to get out of your own way. It takes 21 days for your body to accept the new changes you are adding. It takes 21 days for your brain to learn a new subject. It takes 21 days for you to accept a new partner or lover. It takes 21 days. No short cuts, no excusing your self, no hacks.

And, I am inviting you to also join us on the 21 day challenge if you are committed to making a transformation in your life this year. The method is Simple, but not easy.

The simple part is writing down these things. Now I ask you to take time and determine a goal you really want in your physical life. Something measurable and something you actually want.

Why start with physical? I want to let you in on a fundamental truth. Your health or your body is the foundation of your life. Money isn’t the foundation you build from money is the house itself.

You have heard these sayings before I am sure, “without health you got nothing”, “your body is your temple”, and even, “no matter how much you earn you cannot buy back a heart attack”.

In 21 days you will be able to transform your health so that you can begin the real significant projects in your life. You will learn about pain and how to deal with it. You will learn about the importance of food and why you store so much fat. You will learn to breathe. You will see improvement. You will freaking feel better. You will set the foundation necessary for the big things in life.

You will need to pick one health goal that is out in the future about 2 months or so from now. Pick something that motivates you. Pick an event that you have to sign up for. This is not some secret goal that is held in private that you don’t sign up for. You have commit, leverage a loss or risk an investment to attain. That is the simple part.

The next step is the real genius on the 21 days. You must pick three small easy things you know you need to do or be good at doing so that you can accomplish your goal. This is where people begin to unravel the 21 day challenge. People either pick stupid things to do that aren’t helpful or they try to do too much before the base level is set for 21 days.

I have take over 1000 people through this 21 day challenge. And I have some fun numbers to share with you. See where you fit it.

First numbers - only 201 out of 1000 actually do the three things a day for 21 days straight. That is 20%. Only 20% make it through SEAL training, only 20% of start ups in business make it through the first year. Only 20% of the population is health measured solely by how many people work out once a week

Second numbers - 90% make it through the first 7 days. That is also to say 100 people start and quit on their goals and their activity in the first 7 days.

Third numbers- 70% don’t do the activity that they actually said would make them successful between day 7 and 18. 700 people find excuses after 7 days to be successful

Forth numbers- 10% of the people quit on themselves between day 18 and 21.

I find these same facts to be true in sports, in school, in business, and relationships, and in the pursuit of spiritual connection. The fact is people excuse themselves from their own success. And all of this can be learned by doing the 21 day challenge.

So let me share with you what I am doing and what it is like for me. Maybe this will help you. Or you could join our group and or on facebook at unbreakable lessons.

My goal is simple sign up and complete a 50 mile ultra in May 2019.

So I signed up and committed to it and told my wife and kids and that is that. Most people don’t sign up and ask for accountability and keep everything a secret so when they quit they don’t have to face the music.

My three simple things are just that SIMPLE.

  1. Gym workout routine for every muscle getting workout out. It doesn’t matter what I do except that I have my routine and that is what I commit to doing for 21 days straight.
  2. Run for an hour a day wherever I am.
  3. Ride a bike for an hour a day wherever I am.

I know these three simple things will reset both my mind and my body to be ready for the real work that is ahead of me for getting ready for an ultra. I have run 15 ultras, so I know the base is everything.

This all sounds simple. Your goal doesn’t have to be big. I recommend big because you are worth it. If you want to play small then hey I get it you are small.

Your three simple things you commit to doing need to be small, but you goal I recommend be big.

Do simple things. The easier the better. But do them. Do them. My buddy Jocko wrote a book called discipline equals freedom and here is what happens.

Day one. You will face your tired inertia of your health. Most people don’t deal with day one well because they are complainers. I am too old, too fat, too late, too this that or the other excuse. No matter what you just got to go do it. Just carve out time to do it.

Day two. It hurts. Pain is just data. Pain to a weak mind spells trouble. The key is just go do the simple three things. Even if your three things were, drink three glasses of water a day, then take 10 deep breaths a day, and third to walk for ½ mile a day. Day two hurts more than normal. Day two is discomfort.

Day three. The weak mind looks for meaning. Listen you ain’t going to find meaning in any of this. Meaning is the first way to excuse your self from being successful. On day three this shit you committed to is meaningless.

Day four. Normally clients and even for myself day four is just simple do it grind. Again just do it. Nike brand didn’t coin the phrase the phrase just do it is a master instructor teaching an Olympic hopeful to do a push up while the hopeful wants to do other things.

Day five. The battle of will power and emotional resolve begins today. It is a battle. There are so many days left. The weather, the people around you, the call of the day, and time itself seem to not want to support you doing the three things again. Good you are in a battle. Fight for god’s sake fight to beat this enemy within you. Just go do it.

Day six. We all call this the beginning of the making of a master. Routine sets in. people hate routine. Most people loathe routine. You are either going to embrace routine as means to win, or you will keep battling emotions and will power. Either way just do the three.

Day seven. This is the tipping point. I don’t know why, I just know after this day is over everyone starts to quit on themselves. I recommend day seven being the make it hard as hell day. Make the three things hard. Make it exciting. Just do it. 

Make your life simple. Don’t try so hard to do hard things before you have a base of mental and emotional resolve and physical activity built up. Learn to keep doing simple things. You will make it to the end by doing simple things and emotionally you will be tougher than you can imagine. If all you do is hard things without a base you will fail so often your emotional resolve will never catch up.

Three things you will win at every day for 21 days. No excuses, no ways out, and watch what happens to your life.   Just do it!