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Best selling author and US Navy SEAL, Thom Shea discusses what life is like when you stop quitting and become the best version of yourself.


Aug 10, 2020

Take note of the people you surround yourself with. That's a litmus test for how successful you will become. In Episode 194, Can Football Translate to Business? (Part 2), Joseph and Thom sit down with Tajh Boyd and define what teamwork means. The similarities between football, business, and Navy SEALs show that certain principles exist across many organizations.

In fact, every Navy SEAL and high-performing football player always start at ground zero; they must prove themselves. One of the first things that tends to disappear, at least among successful teams, is ego. There is no room for illusions of grandeur when it comes to winning football games or defeating enemies. Ego is the enemy of success. The amount of training that is required for a group of individuals to act like a team equals hours and hours of repetition.

Having practiced simple steps and coordination, each member operates as one, without hesitation or worry. Often, the practice results in an automatic response from each teammate. At Clemson, this effort has resulted in Clemson winning two NCAA Division I Football National Championships over the past four years. For Navy SEALs, the endless years of training makes them one of the deadliest military groups in the world.

Whether it is in fitness, professional life, or sports, achieving the flow state has become one of the hottest topics around. To be able to get to a flow state requires complete immersion into the activity. The mind never wanders but rather, is focused completely on the task at hand. Both Tajh and Thom explain how the amount of work that gets put in before the mission or game results in the level of flow state achieved. It does not require a complex workaround of the mind but does require a focus on simple things.

Navy SEALs have gotten to such a high-performing state that their commands and actions are given without even speaking. The level of trust and lack of worry is beyond surreal when a team is on a mission. Movements and firefights are completed by just watching your teammates’ actions. Football is no different. All a quarterback must do is call a play and the team moves as one. The amount of practice results in teammates anticipating and trusting each other’s actions.

Can we apply these principles in business and everyday life? Absolutely. Trust and teamwork are not just for the football field or battleground. Spend time on simple things so they become second nature. Develop trust in your team. The amount of work will not be easy, but success never is. You owe it to those on your team to put ego aside and fully give them trust.

Show Notes:

0:50 - Never train to win

5:30 - The Warrior

13:00 - Looking Glass Self Theory

20:30 - In the moment

28:10 - Ultra-marathon mindset

34:02 - Navy SEAL Team basics

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